Clarion Call for Rationality, Reasonableness & Calmness…

I Stand with Eric.


Putting away childish things…


“I recite these words if only to wake people up from their sleep! If only to remind us that many have gone before who suffered and died for the freedoms we enjoy. The freedoms to read and write, to worship and pray and speak as we choose. Not just for Christians, but for everyone. Everyone. The freedoms to agree and disagree. Even to believe outrageous “conspiracy” theories.

The internet has created a crisis even greater than the invention of the printing press. In those days, the information of the texts was limited to biblical knowledge. As time went on, that information grew. Now, a seemingly infinite wealth of information is at our fingertips. We are being told that information is dangerous. That we need to put it into the hands of the powerful once again. We must trust them as the doorkeepers between our minds and the mysteries of the universe.

Just as the reformers stood up for their rights to interpret texts on their own, so we must stand up for our rights to do the same.”

—Karen Hunt, from her article The Demonization of the Unvaxxed


Ghet Krakow 2

Workin’ it…

Who Are You?

2021, the new 1984.


“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” ― Bruce Coville

You will not find me on Facebook.
You will not find me on Instagram.
You will not find me on YouTube.

I want no part of that.

I’m callin’ it.

We are, in fact, sliding down a point-of-no-return slippery slope and rapidly descending into tyranny and dictatorship.

Wake UP.

If we do not believe we, ourselves, possess the ability to discern what information is true and good, and simply leave the rest, and make choices that are in alignment with our values and stay out of the business of others, without the government or ‘big tech’ telling us what we can and cannot see and hear, then we are… truly fucked.

Believe it a ‘conspiracy’ if you wish.
Continue to demonize, shame and judge ‘others’.
Abdicate all sense of reasonable, nuanced, sophisticated, discerning thinking.

Close your eyes. Plug your ears. Shut your mouth.
Go ahead.

Let’s see how that works out.


The Power of Love over the love of power

Cautionary? Or, too late?

Hey. Watch Bo Burnham’s new Netflix… INSIDE.

It’s excruciating to do so, actually.
Aaaand, delightful… shocking… raw… depressing… affirming… BRILLIANT.

It’s… a lot.

Just watch it. If you’re not wake-the-fuck-up impacted by it, well… maybe it is too late.



Last night was our monthly PATH Tribe gathering over the Zoom. Our conversation focused on how we DEMONSTRATE Authentic Power, Acceptance, Truth, Heart, and Voice. While doing so, Dear PATHee, Matt Prindle was clearly conjuring something magical. This beautiful art, the Creation!

Such hearty gratitude have I… to be able to walk the PATH with such Dedicated, Purposeful, Kind, Caring, Intelligent, Creative, Spirited, Shiny, SOULful Beings!


The Universe Is Conspiring on your behalf. Let it.

Path Power

Feelin’ Fifty-Four::


Fabulous. Fun.
Funny. Fortified.
Faceted. Fearless. Fallable. 
Fit-ish. Fuller-Figured. Fart-y. 
Frustrated. Flabbergasted. Flummoxed.
Flexible. Fluid. Flowy.
Fey. Fly. Fa-la-la! 
Fresh. Fierce. Ferocious.  

Hold Presence. Bear Witness. Choose Love.


The Last Five Years! 5/21.