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Be Thankful for those who remind you of Who You Really Are.

nosce te ipsum

Accept What Is. Take no shit.


Stay in your Love Lane!



I Am A Round Hole.

A moist n’ juicy, searingly succulent, deliciously drippy, lip-smacking round hole.

Ripe for consumption.

A technicolor tunnel of love. Circular smooth.

Simply deep.

A black, Kali imploded, Venus fly-trap hole.

Shoo, fly. Don’t bother me.

A hidey-hole. Shy. Apple of, don’t spit in, my eye… sly.

Slippery. Sloppy.

A hole in the wall of it All.

A hole in One.


And square pegs do not suit me.






Now on YouTube!

PATH of Authentic Voice is now on YouTube!

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You do want to express yourself, don’t you?

I do.

I do want to express myself.

Given my undying passion for and life purpose of encouraging others to embrace Power, Acceptance, Truth & Heart via PATH of Authentic Voice, a holistic approach to personal empowerment through singing, it makes sense that I would, and do.

I’m so dedicated to suchness that I’ve severed my relationship with Facebook. It would be embarrassingly hypocritical for me not to.

You see, the Zuck and Facebook have taken it upon themselves to become the expression police and remove people from said platform, for expressing views that they deem disagreeable and ‘threatening’. (Only one of many significant grievances I hold).

Many of my favorite Life Guides of late have been given the boot… people who impeccably exemplify living in integrity and kindness, the likes of which I rarely see anymore, in such a consistent and unshakeable manner.

Last time I checked, this was a free country and, in fact, a country that has prided itself from it’s birth upon Freedom of Expression. Alas, it would seem that our world is becoming a Brave New One in which 2020 became Nineteen Eighty-Four and Orwell himself would have snidely chided, ‘I told you so’.

Facebook is not the only culprit. YouTube is also de-platforming and de-monetizing those who hold views that stray from mainstream narratives.

Whether or not anyone agrees with anything anyone says, I assert that people have a right to express and people also have the right to take what they like and leave the rest, without shaming, humiliating, mocking… canceling… is the coward’s way out of being response-able… to engage respectfully, thoughtfully, compassionately, intelligently… with nuance and sophistication.

So, FB. I’m leaving you for… Telegram.

Yes, it’s social media-ish and not perfect in application. However, Telegram is seemingly much more in alignment with values that I hold dear, including freedom of speech.

One of my favorite movies is Office Space, in which a worn down group of friends endeavor to buck the current of the rat race and claim some sense of freedom and empowerment. A couple of scenes from the movie really capture how I feel about Authentic Expression. The character Joanna first faces the sanctimonious inquiry of her boss and (SPOILERS) shrinks with defeat…

Her next encounter with her boss, however, finds our heroine having developed zero tolerance and patience for, well, utter bullshit, and that which goes against Who She Is and what she stands for as a human being. What she lacks in restraint and deference, she amply makes up for in Authenticity! Her ‘boss’ comes at her yet again and…

We are, ultimately, the boss of ourselves. And, sometimes it’s necessary and essential to say, ‘Fuck it! I’m outta’ here!’.

So, this is me, expressing myself. B’bye, FB.