Metamodern or bust.


“Metamodernism is when you can marry extreme cynicism, extreme irony, like the harshest possible, most de-masking, most disenchanting, most rigorous analysis possible to the most extreme, universal, unapologetic, pure, divine, idealistic, all-encompassing love. As far as you can go, as far as you can go in the direction of cynicism — marry that position to as far as it is humanly possible to go in the direction of love, of universal idealism, of what is good and what is right. Those don’t actually cancel each other in the metamodern perspective, they make one another possible, because if you’re not always searching, ruthlessly searching for the truth, with a harshest possible analysis then you’re always left with a little bit of lie and then you can’t serve the deepest possible love. And then on the other hand if you find the harshest possible truth and really, really, really cut to the bone, what you find is, well, there’s always a residual of love, there’s always something good that you can’t explain, something good in people, and so on, and you’re going to have to admit that, ‘aha!’, things in life want to strive for something good. All things try to achieve something that is positive in some regard, at least. And this seems to go for all living beings and all of the universe.

So, ‘aha!’, OK. Where does this lead us? OK, it leads us to a kind of playful irony or a sincere irony, ironic sincerity — that I’m going to be super sincere about what I do but I’m also going to joke about it and the fact that I pick things apart with the cruelest possible cynicism, including myself, means that I can be entirely sincere and entirely playful. This means picking apart even myself. OK, so I’m not [insert your name here]. And, who the fuck cares. I become real, I become [insert your name here] because I’m not fucking [insert your name here]. That’s the fucking point.”

— Hanzi Freinacht, Life is a Festival Podcast, #63 – The Way of the Metamodern Burner

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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